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Lightning Collapse in 5-3 Loss Against Bruins.

By Jake Ricker

The Lightning struggled in tontines game in a 5-3 loss to the Boston Bruins. Here are three things we noticed from the game.

Hot Start

The Lightning dominated the first 15 minutes of this game. They outshot the Bruins 10-0 early on and even got the game's first goal. But it wasn't just the offense; the Lightning were flying up and down the ice, playing physically, and forcing turnovers. The Bruins barely even touched the puck in these first 15 minutes.

This was by far the best stretch of hockey the Lightning had played, and if they can replicate that for a full 60 minutes or even 40, they are the most dangerous team in the NHL.

Balcers Impreses.

Balcers was very impressive in this game, even scoring his 1st goal as a Bolt. Even before his goal, Balers was playing well. Always on the puck and playing physically. For a guy who was just on waivers and has only had a few days with the team, he looked like he fit right in. The goal eventually came when the Lightning trailed 5-1, but it was a beautiful shot, and there could be a lot more where that came from.

Second Period Collapse

As mentioned before, the Lightning had a fantastic start, but almost right after the Bruins' goal to tie things up, something happened. The Lightning had a major collapse in the second as the Bruins completely flipped the script. The Bolts were unable to keep up with the Bruins and kept making turnovers and taking penalties.

This lead to the Bruins eventually taking a 5-1 lead and basically putting the Lightning out of the game. While this was more than likely a one-time occurrence, it is defiantly concerning. The Lightning can't give teams like the Bruins an inch, or they will take a mile.

Unfortunately this part dominated the game and there really wasn't many positives to take away from this game

Three Stars

1. Bergeron (1A)

2. Paul (2G)

3. Krejci (1G,1A)

The Lightning's next game will be against the St. Louis Blues on Friday, November 25th, at 8 PM ET.

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