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Lightning Unveil Reverse Retro Storm Jerseys!

By Jake Ricker

The new Reverse Retro jerseys are here! The Tampa Bay Lightning unveiled their new Reverse Retro Storm jerseys on Thursday night, and they are perfect in an ugly kind of way. Here is everything you need to know about the release of the Bolt's new sweaters.

Jersey Details

The Storm jersey was originally worn by the Lightning in 1997. They were the first alternate jerseys for the franchise. The jersey featured a dark blue background for a stormy night with grey lines to represent rain and grey shoulders to represent storm clouds. The jerseys quickly took on a reputation for being the worst thirds in NHL history. But eventually, for Lightning fans, it was so ugly.... it was beautiful.

The reverse retro jersey is very similarto the original, with a few differences. The most obvious being instead of dark blue as the base, it has a white base. The waves instead took on the dark blue while they were black on the original. And instead of black and grey stripes to simulate rain, it's now thinner blue and grey stripes.

These few small details definitely made the jersey look much nicer, and with the nostalgia, it was a home run for the Lightning. What's not to love? The classic storm look, the original logo, and even victory stripes.

(Photo via

When They Will Be Worn

The Lightning originally wore their storm jerseys six times in 1997. If you are wondering, the Lightning had a 4-2 record in those six games. And now the Lightning will be repeating history by wearing them six times this season.

While it's cool that the team is keeping with tradition and again wearing the jerseys for six games again, it is disappointing it won't be for longer. Lightning fans have absolutely loved both of the team's reverse retro jerseys, but we haven't gotten to see them on the ice much.

Here are the game dates for the Storm jerseys:

(Photo via

How You Can Buy Them

While the Lightning released a limited amount of jerseys for pre-sale, they are already sold out. The team did say more will be in stock in store on November 17th. More may also may be available online if inventory permits. Keep in mind customization is not available for these sweaters.

Plenty of sites should have some if you really want to get your hands on one and don't mind buying third-party. is a site we would recommend for authentic jerseys that are not from the team store.


While the jerseys might look ugly to most, they are exactly what most Lightning fans were hoping for. They also do exactly what this line of jerseys is meant to do:

1. Be a retro jersey

2. "Reverse" the look

3. Have fun with it!

Even though we won't get to see them too much this season, it will be a blast to see them in action and listen to all the reactions from around the NHL.

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